November 8, 2022

Elydan acquires DW Verbundrohr („Multitubo“) from Ke Kelit

“ We are proud to announce that we have successfully advised our French client Elydan on the partnership with the German provider of aluminium multilayer pipes for the sanitary, HVAC and plumbing markets DW Verbundrohr – Multitubo, so far being a Ke Kelit group company. „


Emanuel Müller
Managing Partner


The Partnership


DW Verbundrohr is a well-established German industrial distribution company, founded 20 years ago. The company offers multilayer pipes and fittings under the Multitubo brand, is present in Germany and France with own subsidiaries, but also covers the European and international markets with distributors in more than 40 countries.

Elydan, based close to Grenoble (France) designs and manufactures a wide range of innovative, high-performance, sustainable and durable products (pipes, ducts, polyethylene and polypropylene sheaths) for the building industry. It is a proud member of the French „Coq Vert“ community, which brings together companies and economic actors committed to the ecological and energy transition. With over 60 years of experience, 5 sites in France and 1 in Belgium, Elydan is a key player within the market and has more than 400 employees. This acquisition will enable Elydan to reach total sales of close to EUR 200m in 2022. Furthermore, this external growth allows Elydan to strengthen its position in the plumbing, sanitary-heating/cooling market, while continuing to develop internationally.


A major strategic advantage of this partnership for Elydan is the expansion to the German market as well as adding complementary products (aluminium multilayer pipes) to the French home market, benefiting from the strong market position of the French Multitubo subsidiary. Multitubo wins a perfect partner to benefit from cross-selling in Germany and to support the joint growth development in France.

Sazun advised Elydan across all the steps of the transaction, including market research, the scouting of opportunities, valuation, the negotiation of the deal structure and the coordination of the due diligence, up to the final closing actions. 

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