Sazun is an independent and internationally operating consulting company specializing in mergers and acquisitions with a focus on medium-sized businesses.

Our worldwide unique consulting approach unites the world of facts & figures with people and their personal needs and goals to account for the social dynamics of such transactions.


The very basis of every transaction with regard to the purchase of a company is a good preparation and the highest level of accuracy during the process. Small mistakes have the power to become major problems, even years after the transaction.


The merger of different cultures bears a huge potential – opportunities for innovation and creativity – but also creates insecurity, stress and tension.


A constant, smart balance between restructuring, acquisitions and divestments is necessary in order to successfully develop and manage the business portfolio.


Our core customers are medium sized – mostly family owned – companies in various industries, which aim to change, expand or focus their ownership structure or business model via smart m&a transactions.


M&A Plus Principle

We advise you situationally, individually, holistically and with expertise at each step of growth. Our company offers under the keyword m&a PLUS® a wide ranging service portfolio for all phases of a buy – or sell objective of your business.