February 26, 2017

Digital Transformation is just a fashion

Digital Transformation is just a fashion word and therefore nothing for me? Well, you better watch out.

We are currently working for a company that suspects that many of its products will become obsolete in the coming years through digitization. And it is already thinking about what this means for them, and where the company can steer from its own or where it may have to acquire new competencies through targeted acquisitions.

I think this is a good example, not to consider digitization as a threat, but rather as a chance to put your business model on a new, more sustainable base.

However, this requires an extensive self confrontation with its own strengths and weaknesses along the value chain as well as the readiness to question what may have been successful in the past.

Yes, Digital Transformation may certainly be a fashion word, but this fashion word will accompany us for quite some time; so: better watch out!

Yours, Wolfgang Regele