When purchasing individual shares of a company or the entire company, a high degree of care is essential in both the preparation and the process. Errors here have an exponential effect.

Typical examples for acquisitions include:

  • Diversification of the product portfolio
  • Enlargement or enrichment of the value chain
  • Consolidation through the acquisition of direct competitors
  • As well as the implementation of a strategically oriented buy and build concept


Due to the fact that you can only sell once, a sale of shares has to be planned very carefully. This includes the preparation of the documentation, the selection of the potential buyers and of course a highly professional process management coupled with strong negotiating skills. This all together guarantees a successful closing of the transaction.

Typical reasons for a sale of the shares include:

  • Successions
  • Carve Out of given entities of an enterprise
  • Exits for institutional investors, especially mezzanine and private equity

MBI – Management Buy In

We advise experienced, successful managers, who no longer envision a position in Corporate World, on their path towards entrepreneurship.

The aim is to purchase their own or an external company with a view to a succession solution. Thereafter, a targeted increase in value will be achieved through optimisation and organic growth, as well as through targeted acquisition and integration of other companies with a view to active industry consolidation.

We are looking for a suitable financial partner who is ready to begin this journey with us.

Critical success factors:

  • Clear corporate vision
  • Good story, how the vision is achievable
  • Industry dynamics is second nature
  • Change of perspective from manager to entrepreneur
  • A solid financial partner with good understanding of the project and the needs of the entrepreneur
  • A bold and decisive approach


Successful financings sets the basis to turn a promising vision into reality. Intuition and know how are requested when negotiating with potential new and existing financiers.

Typical reasons for financing are:

  • Expansions
  • Acquisitions
  • Optimization of existing financing conditions
  • Pay back / redemption of equity-, mezzanine- or debt