Post Merger Integration

A merger of different cultures bears a lot of potential – opportunities for innovation and creativity but also threats in terms of insecurity, stress and tension.

Our work in the post-merger integration is aimed at realizing synergies as quickly as possible coupled with a certain degree of sensitivity towards the needs of the different cultures. What should be retained, where are the new mutual potentials….? We typically offer a blend of skills, ranging from individual support for the management team to coaching and guidance during implementation.

Critical success factors:

  • Right timing and speed for the integration
  • Review and (if needed) replacement of critical key positions
  • Creating new clearly defined areas of responsibility
  • Development of a mutual attractive new vision of the future
  • Smart balance of needed adjustments and preservations of differences
  • Learning from differences


Our concept is based on an integrated communication, which means that we support you with appropriate content in due time with regard to all fields of communication for all stakeholders, which include e.g. internal communication with employees and managers, marketing communication for clients and suppliers and external communication aimed at the public, politics, competitors, media etc.

Critical success factors:

  • Development of a communication strategy and time schedule appropriate for the merger (internal preparation > internal communication > external communication)
  • Defining the goals of the communication
  • Planning and implementation of internal and external measures (in writing, orally, specific to the location etc.), if needed coaching and workshops
  • Permanent evaluation of the communicational actions