A balance between restructuring, acquisitions and divestments is necessary in order to successfully develop the business portfolio. A solid strategy for growth implies an understanding of the risks and potentials of the different alternatives, regardless whether in the view of a merger, acquisition, business alliance, licensing agreement, divestment or in-house development.

Critical success factors:

  • Clarity about the reasoning and motives for the targeted growth
  • Right balance between internal and external growth
  • Exploring the different possibilities (acquisition, joint venture, cooperation, licensing agreement etc.)
  • Development of a tailor made M&A strategy
  • Decision making criteria in order to evaluate the potential targets
  • Timely preparation of the process to secure the necessary resources (personnel and qualification) for an acquisition step

Organizational Development

One important feature of our m&a Plus support is the conscious interaction of “human-cultural values” and their impact on the transaction process – so everything beyond the pure numbers-data-facts M&A. A comprehensive monitoring of the process right from the start is clearly advantageous in order to recognize any threats and potentials early. It is important to focus on the specificity of the respective organization with all its values, rules, cultures, traditions and human beings.

Critical success factors:

  • Understanding of the cultural profile of ones own organization
  • Ongoing assessment in order to keep flexibility
  • Learning throughout the M&A process and if needed adopt decision criteria if new crucial information arise
  • Cultural profiling to gain a deeper understanding of the „to be acquired“ company step by step
  • Creating purpose and connectedness