Pro-Doma extends its position in the Czech machine rental market through a strategic acquisition of Tonstav Service sro

Tonstav Service Pro-Doma

We are happy to announce that we successfully advised Lorencic Group and a private investor on the sale of 100% of their shares in TONSTAV SERVICE sro to Pro-Doma SE.


TONSTAV SERVICE is a Czech building supplies distributor and machine rental company. Through its six strategically-located stores, TONSTAV has been able to establish a strong market position and outstanding reputation on the Czech market.

Pro-Doma is a leading distributor and supplier in the Czech market of building supplies and roofing materials, generating a revenue of € 300 million with 92 stores. Through its acquisition of TONSTAV, Pro-Doma will be able to enter forcefully into the market for machine rentals. Pro-Doma will incorporate TONSTAV’s locations into its store network.